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71 C30 Dually 3/4 Drop

Hello fellow Action Line aficionados!

I finally found my dream truck, a 71 C30 Dually flatbed, and I'm starting the fun process of fixing her up and making her my own. I like to replace everything all at once while I have it torn apart so I'm starting with a brake and suspension overhaul. I'd like to lower it a little bit while I'm at it but I'm having some trouble figuring out the rear. This truck will be used on my farm (Organic hops) and for towing my rally car with a camper on the flatbed so I don't want to lower it too much or lose any payload (rated at 14k). I think I've settled on a 3/4 drop and the front is easy as 3" drop spindles are available for my year/model. The rear is where I'm having a little trouble. The simple solution would be a 4" hanger/shackle combo but I can only find them for 73 and newer trucks. Another option would be lowering leaf springs but I can only find them for c10's in that year and I'm assuming they wont fit and will be undersprung. Someday I would like to bag it but that is much pricier and I'd prefer to put that cash into other projects right now but still get my girl riding and driving how I want in the mean time. If anyone has a solution for my conundrum I would love to hear and would happily repay the favor with a fine WI microbrew if you're ever traveling through these parts. Thanks in advance for the help! Here is a pic of my new baby...

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Re: 71 C30 Dually 3/4 Drop

Welcome form all of us. Great truck I have in my shop right now a 71 C-30 that I bought back in 15 and have not yet worked on I bought it a charity auction and have just let it sit until this week. I am just gonna get it running and driving again replace the primered hood with the correct year[had a 69-70 with the emblem] and cowl panel I have them painted did that the other day. So I'm in there with ya. I would check into having your spring de-arched. I think there is a place that can re arch or in your case de arch them pretty resonable. Good luck Jim
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Re: 71 C30 Dually 3/4 Drop

Check these out.

Sounds like you are in for a later model front cross member and front suspension swap.
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Re: 71 C30 Dually 3/4 Drop

Welcome...Nice clean truck!!!
Tuned in!

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Re: 71 C30 Dually 3/4 Drop

Cool truck!
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Re: 71 C30 Dually 3/4 Drop

Thanks for the welcome and info! I did a little more digging into dearching today and I think I found a couple of local shops that might be able to help. I'm going to call around on Monday. I had looked into dearching before but it definitely seems to be a dying art and good info and shops that still do it are hard to find. As far as the front is concerned, Switch and Western Chassis list 3" drop spindles for 71 and up c30's. I have also read that 73 and up spindles bolt on to 71-72 as long as you use the accompanying rotors and calipers (which I'm replacing anyway). I've got a long list of upgrades that I'm planning after the brake/suspension upgrade including a new pump for the dump bed, west coast seniors, wheel powder coating, new bench seat, replacement cab lights, and eventually an LS under the hood. I'll keep the pictures coming as she starts to take shape. Thanks again for the help!
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