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making my longbed a shortbed

So, after pulling my bed off to prep for paint, I've decided I'm gonna cut this longbed down into a shortbed first. From what I can tell, I need to take 12" out of the frame and 19.25" out of the bed, does this sound correct to anyone? The frame is no issue, I'm gonna build a new back half for baggin anyway, so I'll go in with all new steel and just set it up as a shortbed. But getting the sectioning right on the bed is where I'm gonna have to make sure I'm right in my figures.19.25" total is the magic number. Since I'm taking 12" of frame, that's easy, pull 12" of bed from in front of the wheel well too, and that leaves me 7.25" to section out of the bed from behind the wheel well. Does this sound correct to anyone else? Now, does anyone have any advice with the sectioning of the bed? Any tips? This will be my first try at sectioning, so I wanna make sure I'm goin at this the right way.
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Re: making my longbed a shortbed

search brings up lots of results.
this one is awesome
1972 c-10 shortbed 350/400
build thread
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