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HOW TO: Upgrade 7” Sealed Beam Headlights to 2007-15 Jeep Wrangler Headlights

HOWTO: Upgrade 7” Sealed Beam Headlights to 2007-15 Jeep Wrangler Headlights

I’ve done a lot of vehicle modifications. This one ranks at the top of the bang-for-the-buck category. For less than $150 and 2 hours, you can bring your classic vehicle up to modern lighting. No more driving around in the dark with a dim yellow glow barely lighting the road. Plus, the Jeep lighting system was designed and tested by a major OEM and installed on hundreds of thousands of vehicles. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable than a kit sold on eBay.

The parts list is simple.
- 2x headlight assemblies (right or left does not matter) TYC 20683500 or similar
- 2x pigtail connectors (9008/H13 bulbs) DORMAN 84785 or similar
- 2x 30 amp 4-pin relays
- 2x 30 amp inline fuse with 12 gauge wire
- 12 gauge wire (length and color are dependent on your installation)

The physical installation of the Jeep headlight assemblies couldn’t be easier. As shipped, the headlights come installed in a plastic mounting bracket. The headlight is retained to the bracket by a metal trim ring and four screws. Remove those screws and throw away the bracket and trim ring.

When you look at the back of the headlight assembly, you’ll see the genius of this whole thing. This is a direct bolt-in replacement for the 7” sealed beam headlight that was used in so many GM/Ford/Mopar cars and trucks from the 50’s through the 80’s. The Jeep headlight bucket is the same diameter as the classic sealed beam unit AND has the same 3 alignment tabs in the same location. Some generous Jeep engineer gifted the classic car/truck community with that one.

To put the headlight into your car/truck, start by removing the headlight trim and then the headlight trim ring and headlight. Fit the Jeep headlight assembly into place, making sure to align the three tabs. Retain the headlight assembly with the trim ring. Done.

Should you chose to install relays into the headlight wiring, things get a bit more complicated. The easy way out is to buy a relay harness from a place like Classic Industries for about $30. I had most of the electric components on hand, so I elected to make my own harness. I won’t bore you with the details of that as there are already many good write-ups on the subject.
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