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2wd NV4500 Swap Questions

I have a 89 GMC Sierra c1500. Extended cab short bed. It was my granddad's truck that he gave me. I use it as a daily driver and a work truck. It's beat up and ugly but is super reliable even with 220k.

So far I've done a 6 lug conversion, nbs master cylinder and installed a locker. I use it for towing often and it kinda lacks power on the freeway. It pulls good but holding 75 through the canyons with a 3k trailer is doable but a little more difficult than I'd like. I feel it could use just a little more power and the all original 700r4 could use a break.

I have a 95 LT1 I'm getting swap ready and a NV4500 that I was originally going to put in my 55 Studebaker crawler. I decided that much power and that nice of a trans is unnecessary for something that drives at only 3mph. Decided to install my sm465 and the tbi350 from the GMC into it and put the LT1 and NV4500 into the truck.

My question is, has anybody done the NV4500 swap? I've been googling all week and can't find a single one for 2wd. I've found plenty of dodges and plenty of 4wds but none in 2wd. My main concern is the drive shaft. I can easily figure out everything else bit the drive shaft has me stumped. I'd like to know if this configuration (2wd extended cab short bed) was ever used out the factory or if somebody has the info needed to make the right shaft the first time. I'd like to get everything together before the swap so I can just knock it out in a weekend. I don't want to get it all done first, measure for the shaft and then have my truck down for a week waiting for a shaft to get built.

I hate having to make threads asking questions but sometimes it's the only available option. Hopefully somebody here knows.
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