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Now that my wiring is settled

No more questions at the moment. So i figured I would introduce my self. My name is Sean, married with 2 kids and about an hr south of St. Louis. Been turning wrenches for myself since I was 16 but was always helping my dad with his car maintenance. There is a picture somewhere that my mom always chuckled at, of me when i was about 4 laying in the grass under her and dads 64 Chevy C-10 and of course my shorts had a hole in them so you can see my tighty whiteys. My first hand me down car was a 77 Cougar, man that thing couldnt get out of its own way. Then around 91-92 I picked up a 68 C-10 short bed. It was my baby, really good shape. Paint was decent and only rust was rocker panels. Didnt take long to start wrenching on it. First was intake and carb. Found some Jackman spoke wheels that i had blasted and painted black. Never being happy wasnt long till the motor was hanging from the chain hoist for a complete rebuild. With it sounding good it had to look better so i lowered it all the way around and drove the heck out of it. Eventually I got the bright idea I was going to tub it, it was the mid 90's Gathered parts, read and read and then cut. Well needless to say life happens, lost interest and after setting for a couple years I sold it all in parts to a guy for $800. I know just shoot me now.

Fast forward to 2 years ago, I sold my lifted Duramax, decided I didnt want a payment and remembered how much i missed that 68 so the search started. Man things have changed in 20 years. Prices crazy if you can even find a short bed. Well I ended up with this 69 long bed, but the motor had been freshened up already. I was driving daily to work which is about 30 miles round trip. After a month or so it would start heating up on the highway and I couldnt find the issue. I was afraid it was a head gasket cause it wouldnt leave a puddle or see any signs of a water leak. So it got parked and set, until my son decided he was going to assume ownership After some investigating we found a pin hole in the radiator. Its been a slow process but we are getting there. This leads up to the project I was asking questions about, the wiring harness.

Heres the beauty.

As I mentioned in one of my other posts, I hate messy engine bays and hacked up wiring harnesses, so we got started.

UPS is my friend.

Filled holes

Made new holes and mixed some filler.

Then stood back and say "what was I thinking"

And since i just got it wrapped up las night, thats all the pics I have at the moment. Thanks again to everyone that helped me out of this situation. Hopefully that is the last wiring project I have to deal with for a long time.
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