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'99 Tahoe-Radio Lights/Bulbs ?

Not a huge problem but have several lights or bulbs no longer working on our'99 Tahoe, stock radio with CD and am/fm. How hard is it to change the bulb, as in, remove the dash bezel/surround and gain access to the radio or ??? Best left to someone who knows what to do and how to do it? Plastic dashes and I don't have a good working relationship.
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Re: '99 Tahoe-Radio Lights/Bulbs ?

the bezel is held in place with some clips that just POP out. tilt the column down all the way, set the e-brake, put truck in neutral, find an edge (either by the door jam or the inside edge of the instrument cluster hole) and gently pull until it 'pops' out. then there are 4 screws that hold the radio in place. in the back of the radio are 1 or 2 plugs that just un clip and whamo you have a radio in your lap.

i dont recall if the radio bulbs are as easy as the old ones or if the 'bulbs' are are bulbs and not LED's soldered to the circuit board.

but yeah something you could totally do your self i am betting.
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