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Anyone have issues with Yokon Duragrip posi?

I bought a yukon Duragrip posi carrier on ebay from one of the suppliers that sells the Yukon line. Ronsmachiningservice1 is the user name . I bought it may 31 2016. They shipped it which took up a week basically. I installed it a few weeks later. It has been trouble free. I read the info,used non synthetic oil as it stated and everything. The center pin in the carrier came out and tore up the pinion, carrier itself , and I'm sure there's metal in the bearings so they will have to be replaced. This happened this week. The retaining part of the retainer bolt is still in the carrier . it didn't back out. It apparently sheared. I called the ebay seller and he said it's out of his hands since its over 12 months since the has a 12 month warranty. Technically it's been 12 months and some days since I bought it. Not yet 13 months so technically still 12 months. They referred me to Yukon which is Randys Ring and Pinion. I talked to a customer service rep named Mack. He looked into it and said he didn't want a customer unhappy with one of their parts. I thought "that sounds good". But he basically said tough. He did offer me a discounted replacement. $390 with a 40 dollar rebate. The unit cost me $490 with a 40 dollar rebate and that includes a complete bearing rebuild kit. If I pay 350 for a posi and buy a rebuild kit it's the same price as I paid the first time. No savings to me .

All I want is the posi warranted. Thats it. I still have to buy bearings and gears. Does it sound like I'm out of line here . They say if it would have been within the 12 months it would be warranty. My tough luck . By my count we are still in the 12th month. It hasn't been 13 yet.
Let me know what you think.
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