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1960 Eaton rear diff?

Finally got around to draining the fluid on my rear diff this evening. It came out looking good, which is a bonus as this burb sat for fifteen years.

I'm debating whether or not to pull the cover and reseal it our just go with it. Being as it's a two piece, I'm in a bit of unfamiliar territory. Will both sides come of and will rtv work to seal it or do I just leave well enough alone?

The other question is what do I used to fill it and how much will I need? Any chance it could be posi, I tried testing it once and got a result I wasn't sure about. I'll check it out again when I Jack the rear up to do the springs and work on the rear brakes.

I'm pretty certain it's a 3:90 and previous owner claimed posi, but I'm doubting the posi. My understanding is if it is posi, I'll need a special additive, which I can add once I find out.

I thought I'd asked some if this before but can't figure out where and I need to refill her....Thought some things said 80 weight, some said tranny fluid....I run royal purple in my other trucks, not sure about this old truck though.
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