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AIR EFE exhaust question

I really hate the AIR pump, and the EFE is just ugly. They do so little good and i dont have any visual inspection problems, so I want to get rid of them both. My question is about the section where they connect in to the exhaust at the bottom of the manifolds. Can I just pull those short sections out and move the current exhaust up, do I need to put in a spacer of some sort, or will i have to pull those sections out and modify them for free flow?

I plan on a simple dual exhaust at some point, but that is for later.
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Re: AIR EFE exhaust question

Assuming your EFE is vacuum controlled, as an interim, just disconnect as much as you can from the flapper valve, make sure it is in the open position, and don't worry about it. An open flapper will have little effect on a stock exhaust system. If you have a welder, tack weld it open just to make sure it doesn't close.

For the AIR system, leave a bit of the tubing and just crimp is shut on the exhaust manifold ports.

If you are planning on sticking with stock type manifolds, just look for a set of pre emission ones without the AIR holes. Usually a few available for little money from folks installing headers.
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Re: AIR EFE exhaust question

EFE is vacuum controlled, and the excess lines is part of why I want it gone. All the springs and vacuum cans still seem to work, and my understanding is that no vac = open, but I havent opened it up to verify.

my AIR pump doesnt go into the series of pipes that inject into the manifolds that I typically see. It does this ...

end of AIR

this pipe starts at the compressor, wraps in front of the oil pan and back along the drivers side. This pic is the tube connecting into a spacer of a sort that lies between the manifold and the exhaust pipes. I luckily dont have any of the injector slots in my stock manifolds, and I do want to keep them for some stubborn reasons.

i dont mind mangling both and leaving these pieces in place , but I am hoping to remove it all intact so it can be added if visual inspections become part of my life.
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