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Need help the mechanic is starting to cost me..

hi guys,

I got a 93 Chevy 3500 crew cab long box fishing truck.. this things a beast so I don't get to mechanic on it at home during the winter as my garage is not big enough..

I let my local shop work on it as they are pretty reasonable although they do just the basics. a couple years ago my boy tore the rear-end out of it and I had a used one installed. I had them go threw the brakes on the rear also to freshen it up. ever since then I have had an intermittent issue with the brakes.

the issue. the brake seem like they lock up a little when you come to a complete stop. if you take off slow you can feel the brakes holding slightly if you hit the brakes at this slow speed the brakes slam or something and it feels like the whole front end is coming off.

my shop has replaced all the brake hoses and one front caliper but it is still doing it. I think they are just drawing at straws now. this truck has hydro boost what its worth and dose not do this at regular driving speeds just like when your pulling out of the drive or from a stop sign or slow getting around at a gas station. but at speed 15mph and over its fine....

I did some research and the only thing I could find was it could be a master cylinder or dirty brake fluid..

please let me know what you guys think... I understand its not a hot rod but its my fishing truck so its quite important..

thanks for your help

later Andrew K
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