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HO 52 Axle

Hi all, fairly new member that rarely posts. My father owns a 72 so I mostly search on here for information for helping him with his 72. At 76 years old, he does not use computers much.

My question about the HO 52 is about gears. I see threads about being able to swap in a corp 14 carrier, and or side gears and shortened axle shafts. That being said, if i do swap in a corp 14 carrier, can I use corp gears at that point. As you all know, after market gear support for the Eaton HO series axles is basically non existent. Also wondering if I can swap in a corp 14 pinion carrier if needed.

I have this rear axle and a front big bearing Dana 44 in a 72 3/4 ton chassis we have. I would really like to use this chassis in a 56 CJ6 project. I actually own a small custom jeep off road shop so I have all the tools and ability, I just need background information that I have not been able to find.

Thanks in advance for any feedback

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Re: HO 52 Axle

what you are referring to is the differential being swapped not the carrier. they share almost nothing.

you can put a 14 bolt detroit locker into the eaton carrier to run common 14 bolt shafts. but gear change isnt going to happen with 14 bolt parts.
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