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1991 TBI and HT 383

Anyone know if the stock TBI from a 1991 350 Suburban will power a GM HT383 crate engine? If not, any suggestions on a more HP replacement for a 190hp 350 that still uses the stock TBI?
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Re: 1991 TBI and HT 383

Here you go, read will answer all your questions

I'm doing the same thing to my Suburban next year
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Re: 1991 TBI and HT 383

If you put the HT383 on the ECM will need to be re-tuned to run it. You can try the chip route. Or you could do something like a megasquirt or EBL Flash. I run the EBL flash system from Dynamic EFI - its a steep learning curve but once you "get it" then its easy to use. I also bought a Wideband O2 sensor which helped a ton for tuning the TBI. I have no idea but I was running about 16:1 AFR at WOT - which is bad news. I have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator so I cranked it up to 16 lbs and a lot of tuning later it really made it come alive.
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Re: 1991 TBI and HT 383

Have you thought about the erod swap? I know it is pricey, but works excellent.

I am looking at a new off road toy, and it depending on which way I go this engine is in the top 3.
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Old 09-18-2017, 09:18 PM   #5
Ryan Hubbard
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Re: 1991 TBI and HT 383

I was on Blueprint Engines website and they have 383 packages for a TBI replacement and they give you a new eprom with the tune in it for the price of the engine. It is about half the price of an e-rod upgrade but only nets you 315 or so horsepower not 430 with the e-rod.
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