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Cab mounting on s10 frame help!!!!!

Hey guys I've got some questions and need some help. I'm trying to mount my cab and I've used the same body mounts everyone uses (shown in pictures) but I ran a bolt through the inside holes from the existing mount holes and the body mounts are to wide just. And also I'm bagging this truck and trying to mount everything as low ands possible but when I got to level the cab front to back level does t look level at all it looks like it's sitting low in the rear so do I trust my eye or the level thanks for any input and advice
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Re: Cab mounting on s10 frame help!!!!!

the center part of the frame is level to the ground, so you can check it against your rockers.

I dont like fully welding body mounts in until I have done the mock up for this reason so maybe you feel the same.

likely the difference you are seeing is because there is two different factory mounts on the ADs, a shackle mount and a outrigger (or center) mount type. the shackle type usually requires a spacer to fit up inside the cab brace that isnt there on the outrigger/center type. looks like maybe you built it for the spacer?

I would put some wheels on the front and make SURE they are centered. thats the biggest problem with s10 frame swaps in some peoples opinions, the front wheels arent centered. you will need the suspension to be as low as it will be with the wheels on to check, because the s10 front suspension pulls the wheel back in the wheel well at really low drops, so what looks centered with the suspension hanging is NOT centered when aired out.
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Re: Cab mounting on s10 frame help!!!!!

if your frame is level then your cab should also be level. with that said it is more important to have the front suspension geometry level that the center section of the frame, if they are not in the exact same plane. the cab can be shimmed as needed to get level but if the front end is out of whack then alignment will be a nightmare.
I have used a piece of straight angle iron or square tube laid under the frame rails and clamped, from side to side, to check the measurement of the cab in relation to the frame. one at the front of the cab and one at the rear of the cab. that way you know if the cab is level with the frame and also if it is hanging below the frame. below the frame equals body work later if a high centered scenario happens to come your way. I don't have a "bagged weed eater", so not sure how you guys roll, but that is something of concern for my '57 build. lots of big speed bumps where I come from. I am going to paint my truck so bodywork later is not really a desirable side effect.
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Re: Cab mounting on s10 frame help!!!!!

a second look at the pics makes me think the cab is in the same plane as the rear frame rails. is the center section the same as the rear level?
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