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66 Rocker panel repop alignment and fit trouble

I have been working on making repairs to the cab of my 66 and I have not dealt with rocker panels much. Or any panels really, been tinkering off and on for a few years. I started by trying to fit the rocker in place and noticed that it was about 1/4 inch too long. So I cut it into and took out 1/4 inch. Now it fits, for the most part. Still have to hammer out the post area. Took the snips and made some cuts along the curved part to get it to get into place better.

Then I hung the door and used some cut off paint sticks that were taped into the jamb which are 1/8 thick, trying to set the panel gap that way. Once I got the door lined up I looked at the edges of the door to the rocker panel edges to make sure they lined up to the width of the door.

What I am noticing is that the base of the rocker panel hangs down a good 1/2 inch and I am not sure what I can do to get the bottom lip of the rocker to wrap around the edge of the cab floor panel that hangs down. I figure that some of the gap will tighten up once I tack in the top portion and try to pinch/clamp it at the bottom. But it looks like I need to ask for help before I get too much further.

Can anyone let me know what is the best way to move forward?

Progress thread for my 66
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