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Can I fix this myself

Can I fix this area above my wheel well with just touch paint or do I need to use bondo, primer, paint and then clear coat. Maybe a kit like this

My SPID calls the color 152110 White but online it appears to be called White 521 (1972).

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Re: Can I fix this myself

I'm not an expert, but I'll answer both yes and no.

Yes - you could touch it up with touch up paint, but it's will not fill in that large of a chip.

No - that area would need a little body work to fix seamlessly. The picture looks like the paint is cracked to the right, so that fix might start to become a 2"x5" repair area once you start to remove all the damaged area.
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Re: Can I fix this myself

It looks like it's much worse than the photo is implying. The dent is going in causing an "eye brow" or "crown" up above or at least right on the body line.

To repair it properly, oh yeah, pulling the dent with a stud gun. And then bondo work, primer and paint. The area would be much larger than that chipped paint and thus painting the whole fender or quarter would be the correct repair.

Let's step back a bit and look at options.

1. The mark that goes horizontal there looks like a "transfer" that would wipe off with lacquer thinner and or some polishing compound. I clean stuff like that off with lacquer thinner at work all the time.

Then brush touch the chip, with a brush.

This would be a "patch" that may or may not turn out looking "ok" for a driver or non-show truck. It's the kinda repair I have all over my daily driver Rambler.

The car is COVERED with patches like that, to the average person they think and will often call it "restored." It's not even close! But for a daily driver, it's all good.

You could make this "patch" repair and then decide down the road to repair it properly but there is a big difference in the tools needed and the skills.

If you decide to repair it properly we will have to go through a lot of steps here on the forum. It's not impossible by any means, you could do it. But it's a jump up from where you are talking, spotting it, not likely, you WILL see the blend badly unless you have some mad skills and experience, it is NOT easy to do an "open blend" (not buried under a full clear coat) for an experienced painter (I see it WAY too much, horrible open blends by pros) so don't beat yourself up if you give it a try and it doesn't look very good.

I can't make myself clear enough, a "patch" will be miles from perfect, as would doing a "repair" and open blend, but with a LOT less work.

Doing it properly with a full blend and clear of the whole panel is a whole different level of tools and skills.

You have a decision to make.

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Re: Can I fix this myself

Thanks for your detailed response. So far I've done the two easy things, removed the marks with rubbing compound and covered the spot with a brush. I'd really like to do it right myself but recognize there's a learning curve amd some investment in some equipment. Got to get the correct color paint first, hopefully the body shop will come around.

Thanks again,
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