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Clutch will be replaced, what actually failed?

It was bound to happen sometime. I've had this truck for going on 25 years and have never touched the clutch. Over the last few weeks, the pedal had gotten to where it didn't want to return. A good stab would normally bring it back up. Now it's gotten to where the pedal won't return unless you put your toe under it and let it snap back. The actual engagement still feels OK, just the pedal operation.

Did the throwout bearing finally fail? I would think that if the clutch fingers were weak, I'd feel slippage. The pedal and z-bar springslook OK.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Clutch will be replaced, what actually failed?

If the throwout bearing failed that would mean it would no longer spin on the clutch finger side. So when the clutch side contacted the fingers on the pressure plate there would be metal on metal grinding. A more likely throwout bearing issue that could explain your issue is the throwout bearing not sliding easily. I forget what the surface the throwout bearing rides on is called but that could be gummed up, rusty and no longer smooth for the throwout bearing to slide on. Since you say engagement is fine I'd say this is the most likely issue.

But I wouldn't totally rule out a problem with the pressure plate either.
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Re: Clutch will be replaced, what actually failed?

You would think the spring would be enough to pull it back. Maybe it needs grease in the Z bar.
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Re: Clutch will be replaced, what actually failed?

First, try to disengage the clutch linkage from the fork and manually move the pedal up and down. If it moves freely than the most likely problem is the input shaft bearing retainer needs lubricating or has wear grooves.

If you have to remove the transmission, may as well go all the way and replace worn or old parts like clutch disc, pressure plate and throwout bearing.
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Re: Clutch will be replaced, what actually failed?

week return spring on the linkage.grease the movable joints.

I had a truck that sat for a long time and the clutch disc stuck to the flyywheel. Got stiff after that untill it was replaced
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