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Longhorn Man
its all about the +6 inches
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Thumbs up cheap engine cooker Acording to bisquik65

This is taken word for word from this post.

If you need heads or a block cooked or steel wheels stripped of paint take a 55 gallon steel drum and cut it right above the first rib and put it on blocks so you can put charcoal under it . fill it with water and your parts. let the water boil and then add 2 cans of cristal driano or lye. Let cook overnight then pull it out and let it cool for about 3 hours, take it to the carwash and rince it. This way it only costs about $10. bucks. Saves you machine shop cost to clean. Been doing it for years.

Almost forgot to menton !!!!!!!!!!!!!no aluminum parts unless you want them black as coal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now you can put an old engine bracket in it for an agaitior . try it and you will see how it rolls the water. I saw this idea on tv for small parts in a bucket with warm water and figured if it worked with warm why not hot?

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Junk Chevy C20 Big Block
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I have a 55 gallon plastic drum full of water and a bag of castic soda to clean my parts with.
I have used it for years with the same water ,I add a scoop about 3 times a year. It looks Bad but still works great.Its right next to my little vega race car.
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