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Suburban Steve
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late model 3rd seats in my 69 Burb

OK so the question is...... If I wanted to mount a late model 3rd seat from a Tahoe/Burb into my 69 burb as a 3rd is there a bracket kit available or is it a made from scratch event??
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Re: late model 3rd seats in my 69 Burb

A Scratch Bracket will be a must ...

If you do mount them in the original stepped down location ... the back seat will be too close, no foot or leg room ... picture a 6' guy in the back seat of a Camaro

You will have to mount them up level with the back floor and make the bracket for the front portion.

Too far back and its like climbing into a Limo

And Welcome to the forum ...

Do some searches and you will find where others have done what you are talking about, me included before the current WIP.

1971 Suburban ... W.I.P. Build Thread
Customization is ones personal touch-- not what other people think it should be
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Re: late model 3rd seats in my 69 Burb

I have 4 buckets and 3rd row from a 05 escalade in mine. Check out my build thread for pics. It wasn't terribly difficult to modify seats to fit. Middle row was most difficult and took 5-6 hours
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