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S10 5 speed tranny in a 57 gmc

I'm sure a ton of people have posted about this but I'm kind of concerned and wondering about the GMC 270 I know everyone puts the S10 tranny in with the Chevy but will it work with the GMC as well and if so does anyone have any information on how it's done or pictures or anything I really want to put the S10 tranny in my pickup so I can have 5 speed and get out on the highway and do more the 45

Thanks for your guys time
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Re: S10 5 speed tranny in a 57 gmc

Send a note to lugnutz on this board. He would likely know. He has a lot of experience with t5 swaps.
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Re: S10 5 speed tranny in a 57 gmc

If Gmc engines have the same bellhousing as the Chevys I would think it should be fine.

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Re: S10 5 speed tranny in a 57 gmc

I did a 5 speed tranny from about a 1989 s10, I dont have the speedo working because of the electro speedo hook up, you can buy the different tail housing and put it on. This is the easiest way to do it, Keep all your linkage and throwout bearing and all that stuff with the 10 spline fly wheel from the original tranny, then buy an jeep t5 tranny input shaft, "this allows the flywheel to move about 3/8 of an inch further back vs the like 28 spline from the s10, "these splines dont run down the shaft far enough." Then just leaving you to shorten the tube that the shaft comes out by a bit to match your old tranny, Then you still need to cut i believe like 3/8 of the inputshaft from the jeep on the pilot bearing down to match the old one shaft "i think the t5 trannys are 1.25 or 1.5 inches and the original is 3/4 inches." I did it this summer, just when you take out your input shaft on the s10 make sure to lean the tranny forward because the bearings will come out and if you drop them into the tranny you have to take the whole thing apart and make sure the amount of "gears on the inputshaft match the one you take out, which it should match the s10". Drill out the aluminum bolt holes in the tranny for the s10 tranny to fit the half inch bolts, its a hair small and run them one way into the bell housing and then the opposite with a nuts on the other side, kinda how they were on the 4 speed or 3 speed. At this point it should bolt right up. Seems like a lot of work but its pretty easy.

Explaining: The s10 input shaft splines don't allow the full tranny to be bolted tight to the bell housing. The jeep it allows the fly wheel to move back just a bit further back. I bought my tranny for 125 and bought the jeep shaft for about 85 bucks. The fly wheel in your truck will fit with the jeep spline then you just have to match the lengths of the input shaft and input tube. I have heard of people putting a spacing plate between the tranny and the bell housing just because the shaft is to long. If you pull an S10 and just try to bolt it in you will flex the clutch disk right into the back on the fly wheel, so make sure you either put a spacer or get the input shaft replaced. Good luck
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