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Cheap Knockoff Harnesses - Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware -

It has recently come to our attention that the market is being flooded with cheap knock off harnesses (manufactured overseas). We got a phone call yesterday from someone looking for technical support that recently purchased a standalone wiring harness on ebay. This particular gentleman was unable to get the engine started so they called the phone number listed in the instructions. After a few minutes on the phone with our technical support we were able to determine it wasnít even a PSI harness.

Apparently there are a few sellers that are stealing our photos/images, using our text AND also supplying customers with PSI instructions (and just changing the part # on the cover)! If that is not bad enough they didnít even take out the paragraph in our instructions out where it says to contact PSI with any technical questions!

Please note all PSI harnesses come with a PSI Serial Tag with our Logo, Serial #, and Date of Manufacture Ė this will be located on the main wiring branch (near the PCM/ECM connector).

All PSI harnesses are manufactured in the USA, we only use Factory/OEM connectors and Automotive Grade TXL wiring. Some people might think a harness is a harness, and they can save a few bucks buying one of these cheap harnesses that are now being offered. We have seen some of the cheap aftermarket connectors out there and they are very thin/flimsy and are nowhere near the quality of a Factory GM/Delphi Connector.

Besides the lower quality materials being used, if the vehicle wonít start or you have any issues who do you call for technical assistance? I highly doubt these people buying the cheap harnesses made in China and reselling them online have the technical background/expertise to walk you thru any issues or questions you have if the vehicle doesnít start or if you get a check engine light. They don't even bother to take their own pictures or write up installation instructions!

You might be able to save a few dollars getting one of these cheaper harnesses but many people donít take into account the great technical support that you receive when you purchase a harness from PSI. Our technical support dept. is second to none - we answer technical questions all day long (many not even related to our harness). If you are shopping for a Standalone Wiring Harness just be careful and know exactly what you are buying. There are quite a few harnesses on ebay being sold under the CNCH or other brand name. Sometimes saving a few bucks up front will cost you a lot more in the long run.

We are started reaching out to all of these sellers and requesting that they no longer use our images, text, or instructions.

'Wire it Up and Fire it Up!'
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Re: Cheap Knockoff Harnesses - Buyer Beware

Theft and deceit. That is a shame, simple as that.
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