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Refurbishing Parking Brake (1960 C10)

Hello All,

I've got a 1960 C10 1/2 ton truck, and I am looking at trying to get the parking brake set up working again.

I have the lever (in cab) and there is a cable going to the pivot(bell crank?) in the center of the frame (underneath the cab) but I don't have cables, and I think I am missing some parts on the wheel / break side to make it actually preform.

I've only seen stuff listed for the 64-66 trucks, can anybody tell me what I may be needing, and point me towards the earlier (Eaton) parts?

Or does anybody know what parts may be compatible?

This is the drum that had a seal blow, Its got to go to the shop because I'm not doing this in the street, and pull the axles, so please excuse the brake fluid - I am hoping to get this all wrapped at the same time.


These are pictures of the Passenger Rear brake drum -


Left side

Right Side


1960 C-10 Apache
(350 crate motor, 3 speed manual)

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Re: Refurbishing Parking Brake (1960 C10)

Might try here:
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Re: Refurbishing Parking Brake (1960 C10)

Looks like you are missing the piece that goes behind the shoes that self adjusts the shoes and the parking brake cable attatches to. A new one was included in the spring kit I got from Oreilleys for mine. Pic does not have my new cable attached but its the yellow piece on lh side of brake you look to be missing.

There is one for each side and it self adjusts the shoes and attatched to parking cable.

This is my RH/Passenger side Shoe setup

Got my cables from lmc and brake parts from Oreilleys, but most all other parts stores carry the spring kits as well.

Edit: pretty much whats above my post, didnt see the link
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1964 C10 - Big window - resto-mod

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