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Got hit, ouch!

My son was driving the blazer and he got hit pulling into a gas station. The owner of the station hit him in the drivers door and there is no issue with fault. Of course his agent is thinking it will total the blazer so looking for advise on how to proceed. Besides the door, it bent the sill under the door and the running board. I have another door for it so that part is not a problem. We can straighten the running board and probably pound the sill down enough so it wont rub on the door and live with it for now. The door still opens and closes but its dragging on the sill. The body is in excellent condition with no rust anywhere other than the paint coming off the roof. Still waiting for his insurance adjuster to come look at it. I would hate to end up with a salvage title when its all done. What would be a value for the blazer? Its got a 350 crate motor with 30,000 miles on it, new exhaust system, 700 trans with 5,000 miles on it, 500 miles on a rebuilt 243 and new drivelines front and rear. 8 lug axles with new brakes, nice wheels and tires, nice stereo. A new paint job was next on the to do list. Got a fair amount of money and sweat equity into it thats why I dont want a salvage title on it. Here's a before pic and some after pics. What to do??
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

totaled for that??? you've got to be be finding me a different insurance guy...rocker from lmc is about 20 bucks
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

I can see how they would total, it would cost 2500+ for it to get fixed by competent people at a body shop.

At a shop it would get, a door(and transfer all of the trim, regulator, mirror, door handles) new trim, paint 2 colors (white and red), a new rocker panel(to properly change the rocker you have to take the fender off).

When a car gets totaled, its based on the price of a complete repair at a shop versus the value of the car.

The blazer is a lot more valuable to you than the "value" the insurance adjuster has in his little book or computer.

On collectable/old cars, it's best to have decent(agreed value) insurance on your end to prevent your truck from geting totalled.
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

If you donít want a salvage title on it you might be looking at repairing it out of pocket or on your own. If you have a door you can swap the door parts over your self and install it. If you can live with beating the rocker down so it doesnít contact the door do that. Then pay a competent body shop to do your whole bodywork and paint as it was your next task anyway.

Thatís what Iíd do.
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

What's up with these kids and accidents!?! My 17 year old daughter a few days ago.

I was only able to get liability insurance for our Blazer....they said it was too old. So my work is going to be on me. As tempting as it might be, I'd probably steer away from the insurance route. If you have the door already, your biggest issue is the door sill. Did it get into the frame? If not, I'd just find a shop that can do the inner door sill part. Prime it and lock the repair in. Then get your door on and maybe now is the time to paint it together?!?

I'm getting a replacement grill, used radiator core and already have a hood.

I also have two fenders in the barn but those didn't get hit.
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- Jeff

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Re: Got hit, ouch!

It didnt get into the frame, just the rocker. The whole thing would have to be painted if anything got painted, so much for my nice 30 year old patina paint, haha. Maybe we can work out a deal where they wont issue a salvage title and take their money, do the body work ourselves and spend the money on a paint job.
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

Just went through similar situation with my Yukon. I have a lot off work done to it but the value of the vehicle is obviously worth a lot more to me then what its realistic value. I got hit and was not at fault. What I di was I'm lucky enough to be close friends with a body shop owner and had him do an estimate low enough to not total my vehicle. You could find a shop willing to do that and do the repairs yourself if possible. in my case I didn't care because it my offroad beater that I didn't plan to fix anyway so just pocketed the money for the damages. Hope this helps
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

My 97 was rearended and totaled couple years ago.I asked about my title and they said title won't change. They paid me minus truck buy back price, bumper , rear glass change, sledge hammer to frame end and still driving daily.
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

Around here thats probably between a 5,000 and 6,000 truck based on what things are listed for sale for...

In your favor is that the truck is old enough regular publications like kbb and such don't list them.

Look for online price listings, get all your receipts together, and prepare to fight.

Some agents try to just total anything that is older, but not necessarily a need to. I'm not sure what your state's threshold of repair to value before a total loss is declared. Likewise, whether a title needs to be sent in for salvage branding and who does that is a function of state law as well.
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

Someone with a pin welder might be able to pull out the dent on that sill.
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Re: Got hit, ouch!

If you have receipts then use them.. They have to make you whole if it isn't your fault. Don't take the first offer. I know someone that got way over market value for his truck only because he had receipts..
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