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Wilwood 4 wheel disc squeaking/chirping issue

We just completed a 4 wheel disc conversion using a Willwood 15/16" bore master cylinder, Wilwood D52 front calipers with stock rotors, and Wilwood D154 rear kit. All the lines and hoses were also changed. As the brakes warm they start to squeak or chip if that's understandable. It's not the loud sqeal that's sometimes associated with performance brakes and/or brake pads it sort of wavers. Here's where it gets weird, they all make noise at some point but rarely at the same time. If I hear the right front making noise I can turn just slightly to the right to stop it, but the left will then start making noise. Turn to the left and it swaps back. I know... weird right? The same with the rear but it seems to be tied to body roll. As the truck body rolls towards the right, the right rear will start making noise. The same occurs when it rolls to the left. It's crazy! Has anyone had this issue?

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