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been struggling with a 75 blazer transmission for 2 years, once it is warm I have to manually shift to third on the th350, I didn't mind too much but it was a bummer to lose the auto which I loved. then about 6 months ago I lost third all together. I researched the forums, checked governor and the modulator, did trans service, adjusted linkage, checked vacuum....nothing, bummer, called local recommended tranny shop he said to take out and overhaul because of extra work with 4X4 it would be 1800 bucks, cool guy he suggested just try everything you can, I was gonna have to wait a few years, then I searched all over the forum again, was pointed to the governor and mudulator, changed mod, nothing, changed governor even though seemed to move well.......BAM, SHIFTS LIKE BUTTER, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Awesome!

The amount of knowledge available from the forum members on this board is no joke. Chances are that any issue that you encounter with your truck will have been thoroughly discussed already, and solutions presented. There are honest to goodness experts in every aspect imaginable available at your fingertips. That is one of the reasons I have remained a member of this board for 15 years now.
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