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1/2 ton leaf spring conundrum

72 c/10 Custom Deluxe LWB... Leaf sprung... Not sure why I feel so cheated out of trailing arms lol. Anyways what are my options for reducing body roll and keeping it rideable. I am not keen on the conversion, I lack the required tools and the garage area for a long ass truck.

Want to keep it simple, guys that are leaf sprung and have done the axle flip kit do you have any regrets? The front is disc so I think there is a company that makes a control arm kit I believe, but the install video was Stacy called project knuckle buster but that install was on a 73. Not entirely sure if its the same.

Sorry if this has been brought up before I have searched and searched and have not found a thread that brought me anything of confidence of other than doing the swap, C-Notch and bag.

Help me out guys and keep it real. I guess I should include my goals for the truck, not much.. other than a future power plant change. Never going to be hauling much other than the occasional dump run.
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Old 05-24-2018, 03:34 AM   #2
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Re: 1/2 ton leaf spring conundrum

sway bars....thatll help with the roll....front and rear
I assume your shocks are good?
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Re: 1/2 ton leaf spring conundrum

Sway bars front and rear will make a dramatic difference in body roll. My Suburban, far from a vehicle known for corning surprises people at how flat it stays.
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Old 05-29-2018, 10:08 AM   #4
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Re: 1/2 ton leaf spring conundrum

If you want a coil rear end get a donor and bolt it in. There are a lot tougher jobs you can do in one of these than a leaf/coil swap. Leaf and coil frames are only different by what's riveted and bolted on from the drive shaft support cross member back. The drive shaft support cross member is the same and the control arm brackets attach to it.
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Mike C
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Re: 1/2 ton leaf spring conundrum

So you have a front bar on the truck?

I flipped mine and love it. Another way to eliminate perceived roll is to run lower profile tires.

I am super pleased with my truck. 2 1/2" disc conversion spindles and 2" springs in the front, front sway bar from a C20, rear leaf flip using DJM kit. 235 55 17's on the front and 275 55 17's on the rear.
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