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My steering gear apparently doesn't exist.

So I had picked up a Captain Fab bracket a while back to eliminate all the stacked washers in my '66, and since my current steering gear was leaking from the input shaft (worm shaft), I figured I'd replace that too.

Had my parts guy get me a 72 box (thats what 99% of the donor suspension stuff in my truck is from), and it doesn't match the splines and size on my ragjoint coupler!

So we figure I screwed up on the year and go up to the 76+ box. Same case (Saginaw 800 cases are on almost ever truck), but the input shaft STILL doesn't fit.

Everything I can find is 3/4 or 13/16 input...yet the input on my existing box is 11/16 or roughly .72"

We've tried running the case #, the stamped model # and codes on the sector shaft plate, and everything else to no avail.

At this point I'm just going to probably get a new ragjoint coupler (for the correct splines on the new gear)...but it doesn't answer the question...what on EARTH do I have for a steering gear currently? We've tried 70-90's chevy trucks, a few Jeeps (they also used the 4 bolt saginaw case) and even some random stuff like GM bread trucks etc.

My truck was converted to PS by the previous owner, but the rest of the wearable stuff (pitman arm, tie rods) has been succesfully sourced from 71/2 and squarebody parts.
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