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Post Looking for advice

Hi ladies and gents. I've got a 2wd 94 suburban with a 5/7 beltech lowering kit. However I've got some rubbing in the front when I lock the wheel to either side or hit a bump rear hard in the front. Anyone have any reccmendations on how to resolve this? I'm thinking I might make a homemade somebody kit of some sort but wanted to hear ideas before I start tearing everything apart.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Looking for advice

The burb looks nice. I myself am not familiar with any kits so I am not much help there. Maybe a smaller profile tire will clear.

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Re: Looking for advice

With a 5 inch drop in the front. This kit is mostly designed for 17” and taller rims. If you have a 15” or 16” wheel ,your rim may be rubbing on the lower control arm. Or your tire may be rubbing on the inside of the fender opening lip. The tires look pretty tall. I had to roll a baseball bat under the fender lip on the inside. Between the tire and inside fender lips by pulling the car back and forth. It could be one or both. I had to do both. If both of these are ok. Turn your wheel full lock and shine a light and look for contact. Here’s a pic of were to look. Looks like someone used a cutting torch in the picture. A torch will melt the lower ball joint. I just used a hand cut off wheel and then a Hand grinder. Just don’t grind off to much
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Re: Looking for advice

I had the same issue when I bought my 93. Your front tires, assuming you are running a stock height tire are just too big and scrub on top of the fender wheels.

What I did was put 215/70 tires on the front. They are 2" smaller dia and very close in width to stock. Then I added 1" spacer under the front springs, lifting it 1". If you have a 2" drop spring you could go with a 1" drop spring instead. You end up with same ride height and it fixes all the rubbing issues.

Just save the front tires and put them on the rear when you wear out the ones on it now.

It got to the point I would just cringe when I saw a big bump in the road anticipating the scrubbing sound of the tire hitting the fender wells and I had to do something and came up with this. It's been 3+ years now and no issues what so ever. Plus I think the smaller tires look better on the front but that is personal opinion.

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Re: Looking for advice

The passenger wheel well on my 98 has a bolt sticking into it that holds the airbox up in the engine bay. My tire would rub that bolt over bumps if I had a passenger in and was running 245/50/17's. 255/45/17's would not ever rub, but i liked the other profile better so I just removed the bolt. As for grinding when turning, that's your a-arms hitting the rim most likely.
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