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Old 08-01-2016, 10:37 PM   #26
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Re: Is LMC REALLY this bad?!?!?

OK, this is incredible. The saga continues...

When I bought my truck, all of the wires running to the tail lights had been chewed off by mice. I replaced the front and rear tail light harnesses leading from the firewall to the tail lights, but didn't realize that the reverse light pigtails are for some reason not included in the rear tail light harnesses from Classic Parts.

I tried a pair of generic ones from a local parts store. No go...

The only place I could find them was LMC, so I placed an order. A week later the box showed up, and they looked good, but do not fit! (Well, they fit in the reverse light housing, but then the bulb won't fit in the socket!) I even tried modifying them, but the bulb still won't go in.

I am SOooooooo sick of spending money @ LMC and getting crap parts!

Does anybody know where a person can get some reverse-light pig tails that actually work???
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Re: Is LMC REALLY this bad?!?!?

This is where i've purchased everything since I stopped buying from Grumpy's and LMC. I don't know if they ship, but when you go to the store or call, you usually are talking to the owner. I've not had any issues with his parts.
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Old 08-02-2016, 11:22 AM   #28
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Re: Is LMC REALLY this bad?!?!?

Not the first thread on that matter either.

Everytime I talk trucks with someone getting into these yrs they all ways say "oh I can get blah blah blah from lmc".
And they never understand why when I tell them too stay away.
It just goes too show how much influence television has on the car and truck hobby.

They sure do have a nice catalog and good looking trucks on their commercials.
But unless your willing too learn a lesson, waste time and pay more, do your homework on their parts or stay away.

I am not a hater of them I just read too many no go stories on them.
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Re: Is LMC REALLY this bad?!?!?

I can say that I have never had an issue with LMC. Their customer service is not that bad although you have to keep pushing to get to the right person. Best catalog on the planet. I have had parts shipped from them to multiple states since Uncle Sam kept moving me around with no issues. There are other companies I wont even think about using and I won't go into details on that here. I do support board vendors also.

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