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C30 to C10

I have a 71 Cheyenne Super big block turbo 400 C30, totally stock. I also have a 71 C10 shortly chassis minus the trans cross member. And I have a couple short boxes.

My assumption is everything will transfer over to the short box chassis, bolts,mounts, the works. But I'm unsure if the brake lines and booster will work. Also I'm unsure if the trans cross member will be a direct bolt in.

Love to hear any answers you may have. Thanks!
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Re: C30 to C10

Brake booster will be super strong. Not sure if too strong. I've seen opinions on this board go from 3/4t booster in 1/2t a no-no to being a good idea for better brakes. Not sure beyond that.

Trans crossmember = yes

Brake lines = yes for everything but the line to rear...due to length and bends for different frame

Just think of it as the exact same truck from cab forward
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Re: C30 to C10

The one ton brake booster is actually a great upgrade , did that on my 1/2 ton truck and love it ,stops like a modern truck .
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Old 06-26-2018, 08:04 AM   #4
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Re: C30 to C10

Ok sounds good. I was afraid the booster might be too much because Ive seen the threads of folks going from half to 3/4 and its a big upgrade. Half to 1 ton I had never seen. And its good to know the brake line will screw right in. I didn't know if the tubing and fittings were bigger or not.

Im consolidating things and for room sake I figured I was just going to sit the C30 stuff on the C10 chassis for storage purposes and one of my local buddies said why don't you just hook it all up and make it a runner, should be easy enough. So maybe by the end of July Ill also have a little shorty to bomb around in.

EDIT: OK gonna make that a big maybe, getting stuff done isn't something I'm good at ... Too much shiny stuff to distract me haha!

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