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Stepside special editions?

Just bought this 71 stepside from the original owners wife. It has all original paint that has patinad all over. Its an all blue truck but has some white pin striping around the bed fender lines, cab lines and on the front fender. Also has a pair of smaller stripes on the hood. Granted most of these have worn about all the way off but you can see where they were. I know the squarebody trucks had the sport truck in the mid 70's that just had a stripe package added. I've done some looking around here and the rest of the internet and I don't find any ads or pictures for this era of truck having that type of an "edition". I'll post a pic as soon as I can. Any info would be great.
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Re: Stepside special editions?

It's possible that the pinstripes are custom. My dad used to pinstripe his cars, and did some of my friend's cars. Not a professional, just something he enjoyed doing.
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Re: Stepside special editions?

No special editions that I’m aware - there is a D99 pinstripe/paint strip RPO but not in the locations you describe. It’s just a stripe along the upper belt line (approx) in lieu of upper molding. And I’m not sure whether it was available on steppers or not. Your description sounds like custom pinstriping. I had a square that had a bunch on it, just like I remembered from the 70’s.
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