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Thoughts on the trailblazer

I think I'm moving back to ny with my wife
My wife has a 15 malibu but I don't have a vehicle.
I would like a k10 or k20 but I just can't afford the god awful mileage
And I'd like something that's newer : good lights, newer technology.
I'm thinking about finding a trailblazer for about a $1000 and going through it and rebuilding it while i drive a beater.

My question is are they junk or do they hold up? I just don't want to go back
To Toyota with their cheap interiors and rot box 4x4s
I just need something I can go on vacations, long trips driving to Georgia and back or the Carolinas from ny need it for the snow as well.
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Re: Thoughts on the trailblazer

We had an 07 Trailblazer with no big problems. I think we let it go at around 150K miles. Wife wanted a smaller SUV.

At work we have had Toyotas for company vehicles. The boss has always had some sort of 4x4 version. Pickup, 4runner, and two Land Cruisers. Over 300k on the pickup with no problems. 4runner close to 200k before it was taken out in an accident. First Land Cruiser over 200K and taken out in an accident. On his second Land cruiser now ... No problems with any of em, so Im not sure where you were having problems with the 4x4 Toyotas.

We have had four Scions and a small Toyota pick up. Over a million miles total on them with no big problems ... maybe a water pump or an alternator or two, that's it.

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old Rusty C10
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Re: Thoughts on the trailblazer

I don't know if you know member ScottH but he had one for years IIRC and Im sure he would be glad to tell you about it if you asked

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Re: Thoughts on the trailblazer

I had an 04 trailblazer with a 185,000 miles on it before the transmission crapped out on it.It was an ok vehicle but it kind of nickel and dime to death.They are no where near as good as the full size Chevy Tahoe or suburban.
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Re: Thoughts on the trailblazer

I had been considering one for awhile for a hunting vehicle to replace my zr2 blazer ..from everything I've read the transmission is one of the weak links..a add on cooler helps with the life...obviously I wanted 4x4 and wanted to mildly lift it for bigger tires and change gearing..that's when it seems everyone starts having problems....just have to remember its basically a 4wd car...left basically stock its probably a good vehicle. .I've decided against it and am lookin fro a 4dr s-blazer or tahoe....I'd agree with above...a older tahoe would be a better investment
Mongo...aka Greg

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Re: Thoughts on the trailblazer

I have an '05 Toyota Highlander with the V6. 208,000 with no hickups, doesn't burn a drop of oil in the 7,000 mile oil change cycle, Everything works as it should, will still smoke the tires when accelerating firmly from a stop light. Everything is original except timing belt, water pump and alternator.

Had a '95 Avalon, had 280,000 when I gave it to my daughter. She sold it 3 years later, and the new owner promptly wrecked it at 310,000.

Love the Toyota dependability.

2012 Ram 3500 Dually Crew Cab 6.7 Cummins
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Re: Thoughts on the trailblazer

Why not a CRV or Pilot? Buy it, then just drive it, a looooong time. Another good choice would be a 96-99 Tahoe/Yukon but the trans is an issue on them also. My wife downsized from her 99 Tahoe to an 05 Escape and she loves it. It's a 4 cylinder AWD so highway power is very limited but around town it's good
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Re: Thoughts on the trailblazer

while not a trailblazer, we have it's cousin. my wife owns a '04 envoy XUV that we bought new. it just turned 120 000kms (approx 75 thousand miles) As my wife works less than 1/2 a mile from work, the majority of the miles on it come from camping trips and exploring BC. Nothing really major yet, just following the owners manual for maintenance. only thing so far is replaced the DIC (gauges), couple hundred clams, and a couple things specific to the XUV. the cable for the midgate window broke, 'bout 75 bucks, and had to replace the sensor door handle on the rear gate, about 50 bucks. truck has been on synthetic since new, tons of power, runs beauty-ous and if ya pop off the valve cover, is just like new.
not bad for 14 yrs motoring and still going strong..
good truck for the wife, personally myself i would'nt want one-not for any reliabilty issues, just not my style...
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