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Front Brake Line Installation

So far I have found a lot people complaining about how crappy the old brakes are, but not much on the installation side. This really makes me miss working on my 69!

What have are the pre-bent lines from Dorman for my 2003 1500 2WD LWB. The rear line went in fairly easily after a little tinkering. The front right line is another story. I am debating on whether to cut the line and splice it where it cut across to the right side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Front Brake Line Installation

I don't have any experience with the dorman lines, I buy a pre-bent kit from gm.

But , you should be able to hook it around and fish it in there without cutting it. I've done dozens of them.

The front fender liners need to be removed. Unhook the ground under the drivers floor board near the body mount. Fish the rear of the line back towards the ABS unit, then put the outlet of the steel line above the frame and pull it across under the radiator. It might take some massaging of the line, but it can be straightened. Just don't kink it.
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