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1987 GMC Truck RPO Codes

Hello, I recently picked up a 1987 GMC truck. It appears to be mostly original, but I'm not sure. I would like to find out what my RPO codes mean. I attached pics. Thanks

This truck has a 305 TBI in it with a 2wd 700r trans. It is a LWB. Has 87,000 original miles, came from Georgia. It appears to have the Sierra trim (although the hood ornament and chrome trim all around the lights suggests it's a Sierra Classic, also chrome bumpers). I got this truck for $1000.

Crazy story for how I got this truck. About a year and a half ago I was looking for a daily driver that was decent. I found this on craigslist and went to go at it. When my dad and I arrived, the truck was gone. The guy had an emergency with his kid, and he took the truck. A year and a half later, me and my dad were coming back from a parts haul for my 75 K5 Blazer. Google Maps took us down the same road where the truck was; we forgot all about the truck. We talked to the guy, and the truck was still available. He stopped driving it because the fuel pump went out; so it wouldn't start. We agreed on a price and got the truck.

Right now we are in the process of getting it running. We are replacing the fuel pump and gas tank (someone bondoed a hole, rusting the gas tank even more). It will turn over, but doesn't start.

I got this GMC because a year ago, I got a 1985 GMC that was pretty cool. It was a 350 4 on the floor, LWB. Ended up doing some swapping to get my K5 Blazer, and he traded the 85 for a 76 Chevy. Ever since I regretted getting rid of the truck; so I found a replacement to somewhat fill the void.

Would like to keep it mostly original; that's why I'm sking what the RPO codes are. Thanks
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