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Re: 3 point seat belt in rear seat of Blazer??

Originally Posted by Zook75 View Post
Nice build there. After looking threw the owners manual the top in the last 2 years where not meant to come off. I'm going to take my legal chances with lap belts only. that's all they had for the middle passenger.

Also be careful with any wheels spacers you use, My 75 pickup had 5 to 6 lug spacers on it, and a rear wheel broke off hours before i bought it.
Yeah, the top not coming off is just due to the seat belts, without the top there is no way to use the factory rear seat belts, and being as 3-points were required by then it kind of ruins the summer fun.

Regarding the spacers - yup, have to keep an eye on them. About 1000-1500 miles on them last summer with no issues, still torqued up good, but always a bit leery about them.
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Re: 3 point seat belt in rear seat of Blazer??

Originally Posted by Irish1941 View Post
As was said, you'd need the 90-91 top
GM placed mounting bolts right into the top's inner steel structure. It would be pretty hard to do it yourself and be safe.
You would also need the 90-91 center belts as well as GM switched seat belt suppliers and the 78-89 belts won't work with the 90-91 shoulder harness.
Plus think you need to add the outer male seat belt bolt mount to the floor next to wheel well.
73-77 belts bolted to the floor thru the rear leg of the seat if I remember right.
Only real problem after that I can see is the armrest of the seat getting in the way of the shoulder harness.
Might be able to use a 87-89 armrest?

As for the switch to lap belts, unbolt the 3 point floor mount and bolt in the 78-89 male ends and use the matching 78-89 center belts.
The shoulder harness uses same hole beside the seat in the floor as the earlier trucks.

oh and the later top bolts are just torx T35H or T40H.
Any parts store should a set of security torx bits.
Just wanted to add some more info to this for future searchers.
To switch 78-89 to 3 point harness - need seat, belts and top

The rear seats to '89 have a recess for the retractors. The 90-91 seat don't have this so you'd need the roof, ALL the belts AND the seat itself.

90-91 to lap belt is exact reverse of needed parts but 90-91 top can be used once shoulder belts are unbolted.

And the 87-89 armrests will bolt up to 90-91 seats no problem.
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