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What now??

Just got a call from the Electrical guy who was taking my 75 to teh Radio guy.
Driving down the freeway - massive amount of smoke, and oil sprayed ALL OVER the carburettor underside top of engine - EVERYWHERE!! he let it cool and limped back to his shop.

Oil is still full and clear. Only thing i can think of is that under pressure at speed (though he said he was doing 55) a seal is failing that doesn't normally get impacted. Anywhere i shoud look first when i get there. Filter and drain plug still in place.

I recenntly had the cylinder heads gone over due to blown head gasket.

on my way up there tomorrow - Any thoughts/ theories??
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Re: What now??

Oil pressure sending unit comes to mind if it is "spraying all over". Unit is next to the distributor
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Re: What now??

Exactly what I was thinking.
Mechanical oil line let go.
Didn't you just do head gaskets? Something not get sealed up right?
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Re: What now??

Did you figure out the culprit on this?
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rust repair on the '77
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