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Stuck shock

I have a shock from my steering stabalizer (not the factory one but one of the two that go in front of the tie rod on the lift kit steering stabilizer) that is completely stuck. If Its on my truck, it can move, probably from the amount of force that the steering has on the shock. But if I take the shock off, there is no moving it whatsoever. The other one moves fine.

Do I need to buy a new shock or is there some way I can fix this thing? It's an oil shock I assume. The shocks are Trailmaster.

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Re: Stuck shock

You could call the manufacturer and see what they recommend. If it were me, I would buy two new shocks so you know that they are the same and wouldn't have to worry about how that would affect things. I would think if you just bought one it would still dampen just a little different than the other.
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