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Re: Porterbuilt Dropmember

Super clean. I say run it bed less

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Re: Porterbuilt Dropmember

I most definitely will for a while especially because it will take me a while to build the bed structure to clear the notch and what not.
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Re: Porterbuilt Dropmember

Originally Posted by PBFAB.COM View Post
I can see if I can get some specs. It's being built by a local builder,mainly known for custom bikes... Jesse Rooke.

This Rooke truck is on point.

Would like to see a build thread on it:

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Re: Porterbuilt Dropmember

Pluggin' away...

Once I get it all assembled, checked for clearance etc, and working with the body on it... I'll blow it all back apart for paint & powdercoat.

I'm having an issue with the BBC sitting way low in the chassis, but I actually found that in post #597 I asked and was answered, that the mounting tabs for the SBC and BBC are the same. I can't even use a set of manifolds with the motor right now as it needs to come up 3/4" or so... Waiting to hear back from PB now.
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