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99 OBS Tahoe-W/S Wipers

Wife and I have a '99 Tahoe that has been, over all, a pretty good vehicle. Couple things have needed attention thru the years, new cat's, fuel injectors (spider), been converted back to green anti-freeze, and did new intake gasket at same time. 205,000 on the clock, 5.7, 4wd.

Recently with all the rains we have had the wind shield wipers have been acting really strange. Some times will make one pass, some times make two, some times stop in middle of the wind shield. Turn switch on and off at least couple times to get windows clear of the rain. Some times works fine no problem. Been getting worse, Googled "Tahoe erratic wipers" and found several references to "wiper control pulse module". Thinking this can't be good I watched several U-tube videos on how to change it. Went to local parts house and got a HELP brand control module, about $25 and change.

Went home, opened the hood on the Tahoe and within 15 minutes had the wipers working again as they should !! Luckily we have a '99, newer than that and it seemed a bit more involved. Was really amazed it was that easy. Three screws, pull the cover, pull the wire harness cluster and remove the pulse module board. Insert new board, replace harness, replace cover and functional test. Wow, what an easy fix that was. Before I started looking into this I was really thinking this is gonna' be 'spensive, thinking it's inside the column, take it to a shop and bend over, LOL.

It amazes me that GM engineers allowed this to be such an easy task. Right there on the front fire wall. I've dealt with engineers before (Boeing Aircraft Co.) and it always seemed that engineers like to take a seemingly simple mechanical task and improve it to be a 6-8 hour operation. Just wanted to share, hopefully may help someone with similar problem.

Sorry for such a long post on a trivial (now) problem but just still amazing that with all the relays, sensors, electronics and such on newer vehicles I had the problem fixed within 15 minutes.
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Re: 99 OBS Tahoe-W/S Wipers

Yea I remember doing this to my 98 suburban easy fix. Sold that one 3 yrs ago with 250,000 on it was still running great!
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