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Is the lower bearing junk in your steering column?

The one in my '65 was. It was completely disintegrated. It's a granny 4 speed, yours may be different. Information on this bearing replacement is pretty hard to come by, but there are 2 factors to take into consideration.
1. The bearing surface on the steering shaft is is likely worn down badly because replacement of this bearing is a pain in the azz/ or expensive job, and people just keep driving with it.
2. You have to completely remove the steering shaft and the damn thing is about 8 feet long.

Alright, so this bearing isn't a high load or RPM one, so I figured a way to fix it without taking the column apart.
I work on modern cars, and they have bushings and bearings made of nylon material. Like this:

Lisle 37000 Air Conditioning/Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set. $10 on Amazon.

The one I cut up is older and looks a little different, but this should work with a little artful cut off tool usage.
So if you cut the biggest mount nipple off with a suitable tool, the cut a slit in one side of it, it fits over the worn part of the steering shaft nicely. The largest white "tool" fits nicely in the lower column slide adjuster (the thing with 2 7/16 head bolts in it). Put a crapload of grease in there and worked it in there, then put the spring and clamp behind it to hold it in.
Not sure how long it will last, but so far, so good.
All that nasty noise and clunking is gone, too.
Everybody has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.
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Llay R. Rac
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Re: Is the lower bearing junk in your steering column?

thats a good idea. i have to remember for next time.
i just pulled my steering shaft today, i'm putting in a re manufactured str. box so pulling the shaft was easy. I thought the lower bearing was okay, because the shaft spun easily.
but when i had it out i found the bearing was toasted, lucky the bearing surface on the shaft is good. i have a new bearing on the way.
1965 Suburban, 2 wd.,292, 4-speed.
proudly owned since 1969.
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Re: Is the lower bearing junk in your steering column?

used this on my 65 impala. claims it will fit trucks. since we know the bottom bearing will get dirt in the bearings a solid bushing should fix it.
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Re: Is the lower bearing junk in your steering column?

This is what a worn out lower bearing can do to your steering shaft over time.
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