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restoring suburban 1958 need help

hello guys i hope all off you in good health.

i just bought a 58 chevy suburban clam shell doors,i don't have experience in such car type so i need some help

1-does it came originally without backup lights?

2-any sources for parts? even new or used,,coz searching not helping me very good

3- i think some 58 trucks parts will fit the suburban (such doors,windshield and front end ) is im ryt?

4-some photos in the internet i saw one round red light in the middle of the back door what is that for?

5-going to update it to PB and PS so any good sources that can help?

any more info or pics are more than welcome

thanks alot
guys,,,im overseas please ,,respond me with easy english,coz its my second language....thanks

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85 c10 "waiting list project">
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Re: restoring suburban 1958 need help

no backup lights on early light on back door is brake light...lots of info on here about pb the search bar it'll give you lots of far as I know all front panels will fit truck or burb...I could be wrong. ..I'm not tha familiar with 58s

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Re: restoring suburban 1958 need help

the pickup and suburban are the same from the 1 inch behind the front door forward
same front sheetmetal, doors, glass, running gear, interior (other than seat), door latches, etc...
behind the doors everything is exclusive to the suburban/panel truck
55.5 thru 59 is all the same from the doors back on suburban/panel truck
no patch panels or hardware available for any suburban/panel truck body or door parts
used is your only choice for suburban parts

the center brake light and license plate on the clam shell doors was on linkage that showed both when tailgate is down

welcome to the forum, post pics
cool, an ogre smiley Ogre's 58 Truk build

how to put your truck year and build thread into your signature
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