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454 in a 63' GMC SWB

Hello everyone.

I have a project build thread started but haven't done much on it as it is winter here and we have plenty of snow. During the interim I've been reading and studying on this site and others to prepare myself to take Grumpy apart in the spring and put him back together.

Recently I was given the opportunity to get a 1977 Chevy 454/TH400 (may be a 475) out of a motor home. The engine and tranny only have 10,333 miles on them and the price was really good.

I'm sure there are a few of you out there that have put a BBC in your 60's model trucks. What advice would you have for a fella who is about to do it for the first time himself?

Also, the same friend who traded me for my 63' GMC and sold me the 454 and tranny owns a big junk yard (as you can probably imagine). I can pretty much pick whatever I want out of the yard to upgrade Grumpy. I'd welcome your thoughts there as well.

And then there is the 99' Suburban sitting in my front yard that has a little over 250k miles on that I got for next to nothing. I bought it to take a few parts off of for my 94' Burb. Any parts on it that you think I should scavenge for the project?

Thanks for your time folks. I know how valuable it is for all of us. I'm looking forward to moving along with Grumpy when the thaw hits.
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