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looking for parts

Im working on a 59 Chevy 3600 3/4 ton 4WD and I'm wondering if some on makes an adjustable drag link assembly and where I could find one along with lift kits for it, or at least just blocks and shims. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Re: looking for parts

If your doing a specialized build then do a google on "drag link sleeve" and then find the ends you need. Its going to be the same for lift kits if its NAPCO, you may well find some generic blocks at a site like
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Re: looking for parts

I had an adjustable drag link made at a local 4x4 shop. just needed the tie rod ends and measurements. they did the whole job for about 50.00
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Re: looking for parts

blocks the right width will work as lift blocks. Most 4x4 shops probably won't have the right width blocks unless the fit early Jeeps. U bolts you can get at the local 4x4 supply house or an O'Reilly's with a speed section or online. Other sources too but those are the simple

On that one I think your best option is to have the center made at a local machine shop and use the correct size tie rod ends to go with it. That may mean that you will end up using two right hand thread ends and have to remove one end to make the adjustment in length but making that adjustment should be a one time deal so that isn't all that big of a hassle even though having left and right hand threads so you can just turn the sleeve to adjust it is really nice to be able to
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Re: looking for parts

50's Dodge trucks also came with narrow lift blocks that might work.
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