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Alternator bearing how-to

Had the front alternator bearing on the 66 El Camino start making noise, took it apart and lubed it, wasn't thinking when I started, but took pix going back together. This is easy to do, either lube or replace bearing, if it charges it's lots cheaper to repair.
OK, alternator- Remove pulley, fan and spacer, use impact, or loosen nut when on engine so you can use the belt to hold it.

Remove 4 bolts from perimeter, make sure to mark case halves to get them back rotated right (paper tag was my mark). Slide off front cover while leaving windings in lower half. Keep the shaft (rotor) in the bottom half also so it doesn't pop up and down and break a brush.

Pull the rotor out and remove the three screws holding the front bearing in, then tap the bearing out.

Carefully pop the cover off the bearing. Inspect and either replace or lube with fresh grease.

A little grease on the rear bearing, and the trick- Use a non-metallic item such as a toothpick or spray can straw from the backside to retain the brushes for re-assembly.

Put it all back together, remove your toothpick, back on car, and run.

Nice and quiet now..
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Re: Alternator bearing how-to


Thanks a bearing in my alt. is startin to go out....this needs to be a sticky or something lol!

thanks! good job!

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