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Vintage Windmills
Vintage 4x4s
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Re: Ranch Hand K/20 Custom Camper

Originally Posted by BlueBullet View Post
Glad you got it and I will be watching for the thread Just Get Drivable II.
Haha, it will be awhile. Got the K30 cummins, 72 blue K20 to do first. Also picked up an original 72 SWB K10 a year ago or so- its in pieces and is a long way off.

67 GMC K1500 Custom- 305V6 SM420, PTO, Ram Assist, yellow (the outcast) (project period correct upgrades)
67 GMC C2500 351V6 TH400, AC, PS, PB (can't decide what to do with. Update, decided to keep and will restore )
86 CHV K30 502 th400, apple red NEW
71 CHV K20 350 SM465, ochre (saved work truck)
71 CHV K20 292 SM465, white, tach, PTO, (future project)
72 CHV K20 350 350th, medium blue (project stocker)
01 CHV K2500hd crew, indigo blue

^3 dont run and the others don't see winter either
'86 K30 Cummins "Fireside" thread:
'71 K20 "get driveable" thread:
'72 K20 Build Thread:
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too much stuff
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Re: Ranch Hand K/20 Custom Camper

Originally Posted by Vintage Windmills View Post
SPID is currently unreadable. Someone scribbled all over it with a marker. I did some research and it looks like the only thing required for a custom camper 4x4 was the G50 HD rear spring option and of course camper nameplate. It seems like the type of truck that would have been setup for a Custom Camper, with being at least a Custom (bright chrome window trim), 350, PS, PB. I'm trying to confirm if this truck has the heavy rear springs. It has 6 leafs in the rear and so does my 71 K20 with the G50 option- so it probably is unless the thickness of the leaves was the difference. I haven't compared thickness or width yet.

The burb is where his interest is, so doesn't surprise me he wouldn't budge on it.

The one by Brainerd was dark green. It was rusty but pretty original, even had spicers on it still. Tell us about what you have cooking
Cooking up a 72 Jimmy and a 72 k20 hopefully.
67 gmc custom lwb dakota truck
69 swb 4x4 project
70 c-10 lwb texas truck
70 4x4/BB/bkts/posi/tach(retired)
70 swb (wifes)
70 jimmy camper
71 cheyenne 4x4/tach/posi/ plow rig
71 Cheyenne20 BB, buckets, tach, tilt, 4 speed
72 jimmy CST wyoming rig
72 jimmy Colorado rig
72 lifted texas 4x4 3/4 ton burb
65 fury conv. 383/auto
65 chrysler 300 "L" 413 auto
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