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Speaker polarity

I bought the dual speaker set up for the front speaker in my 70 model.

The instructions clearly state to make sure I hook up the polarity correctly...positive to positive, negative to negative.

That would all well, and good, but the terminals are not marked...not anywhere.

So, I Googled it, and went to YouTube, found some videos where you use a D sized battery and some leads to determine the polarity. You watch the cone of the speaker and the polarity is correct when the cone moves "out", not "in".

The problem is that these speakers are so small, I can't see anything move.

Anyone have another way of telling the polarity?
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Re: Speaker polarity

one foolproof way, if you have long enough wires, is to put the speakers face to face while playing some music. If the polarity isn't correct, you'll hear no (or very little) bass. If this occurs, just swap the wires on one of the speakers.
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Re: Speaker polarity

Set your multimeter to DC voltage (similar to testing whether the car battery is putting out 12v or not). Connect the Positive multimeter cable to one terminal of the speaker, and the negative to the other terminal. If you read a negative voltage, then the positive is touching the negative terminal, and vice-versa. Flip the red/black leads from your multimeter and you should get a positive reading, which means you should have the correct polarity. Incidentally, this will also tell you if your speaker is blown (it should give you impedence, but if it doesn't, your speaker might be toast).
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Re: Speaker polarity

Thanks for the info.

I actually finally got ahold of the manufacturer this morning, and they swore there was a "+" on one of the terminals, but it "is really small, you've got to know where to look".

So after getting out my most powerful magnifying glass I was finally able to see the smallest "+" sign I have ever seen.

Case solved, thanks again.
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Re: Speaker polarity

You should try using 3.5" Bose center channel loudspeakers from an 02-up Caddy CTS. Theyre rated at 1.8 ohms so you should run an amplifier to em but man-they sound great for stock speakers....better than most aftermarkets and easy to find in late model boneyards.
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