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Oil leak

Has been leaking a bit for a while but yesterday I was late for something and driving at about 60 so the oil pressure got up there, followed by the oil getting OUT there and smoke in the cabin from burning from landing on hot engine.

leak is apparently from the timing belt cover (I had it check a while back but haven't got round to it but it does need to be done. Is replacing this gasket something that a layman (myself) can do on with the truck on stands with hand tools, or is this a "head to the garage and pay the hourly rate" job??
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Re: Oil leak

Timing cover doesn’t normally leak.
Balancer seal can leak but normally the oil goes down on the oil pan.
There are two bolt holes on the front of the block right by the fuel pump. Oil can be blown out of one of them due to excessive crankcase pressure.
That oil will burn on your exhaust.
Look for those bolts first. If none are present there put two very short bolts in.
If you can take a pic of that area.

There’s some info and a pic in here for you.
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Re: Oil leak

engine model would help but we'll assume SBC.. definitely picture would help too..

also help to know history.. all original? rebuild? any recent work done? etc..

best to degrease and pressure wash engine and look for fresh oil after start up or test drive if small leak..

SBC famous for oil leaks under the intake manifold where it meets the block lifter valley.. front and back btw..

this could run down over timing cover and be wind blown back on exhaust..

one side only or both? rocker cover gaskets leaks are also common on SBC..

these can leak directly onto exhaust manifolds and smoke vigorously as well..

could be combination of more than one gasket failure, especially if all original..

clean, test drive, and post pictures will get you best answers though since oil likes to migrate..

good luck!

here's a picture from internet I pulled down to show you where intake meets block..

he's pointing to a common sealant remedy for common gaskets failure point

I started out with nothing - and I still have most of it
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