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Replacing high mile bearings

I've got my flame proof undies on, so...

I picked up a straight six powered 1/2 ton a couple years back. Finally got around to getting it running, and did the work on the top of the motor -rebuilt carb, stopped the valve cover leaks, etc. Now I'm at the big one - the rear main is more running than leaking.

I'm pretty sure no one has been in the motor before. I personally have driven these motors a lot of miles with no bearing issues (never had the pan off my 400,000 mile '67 Biscayne), and I'm not hearing any bottom end issues. I'm not interested in putting significant money into the beast as I intend to sell it (only round eye in my pile) and it's a $1k truck not a $20k truck (it's an ex-road commissin truck and it literally has the 'delete every option' option). To get at that seal I'm going to have to pull the pan, most likely by jacking up the motor.

So here's the question. While I'm replacing the seal, should I spend a few bucks and replace the bearings with a set of standard bearings? My thought is that it can't hurt and may encourage the old gal to keep her oil pressure up. I'm pretty sure I have a set floating around, or can get them cheap (my other motor, where all my money goes, is .020 under on the crank, so my 'newer' purchases have been oversizes).
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Tiger Joe
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Re: Replacing high mile bearings

i would say no. if there is no issue with the bearing, why change it? and if there is an issue, like some nick/scar/damage- then likely the crank would need have the same defect, so if you toss a new bearing in with an old crank, it will just eat up the new bearing
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Re: Replacing high mile bearings

If you don't plan to do any more than replace the bearings, I would also say no. The minute you pull one of the caps you're likely to find a reason the crank needs to come out.
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Re: Replacing high mile bearings

How is the oil pressure ? If you pull a bearing and check it...most likely it will not look new..... Bottom up rebuild ?
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