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Re: The Great Critter Revival 09

Well its been almost a year ... any progress?
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Re: The Great Critter Revival 09

Not really. Since July 2010 my wife and I (well, really it was mostly her) had a son and a just recently a daughter. Plus I started a business earlier this year so the Blazer has been somewhat put on the back burner.

BUT, I did buy this a few months ago. It is something to work on here and there but still keep in one piece. I realized the Blazer needs A LOT of attention to the body and I just don't have the time or skills right now to really devote to it. The good news is it and all its drivetrain swap parts and perfect sheet metal is tucked away in the dry garage waiting to go. In the mean time I am always on the lookout for the remaining parts it will need, most importantly a front D60 or at least 8 lug D44 components.

After thinking about it, I guess I have made some progress to the blazer, the motor is going up to my shop to get the 6.0s computer and wiring harness work taken care of. Hopefully I will be able to run it on the engine dyno pretty soon. Got to grab a TAC module first, didn't get that with the drop out engine for some reason.
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72 Chevy swb step-side "LS" 6.0 Here's a build thread of sorts
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