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Whata great truck.

Just happen to catch this fresh build backing out of a shop in Montrose Colo. Figured if I didn't stop to take pics I might not ever see it again, ran into the shop owner. He told me they were just finishing the truck for a customer. They put it on K30 axles, This is some of the best work you'll ever see, sets the bar very high.
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Re: Whata great truck.

Indeed a beautiful truck, perfect axle placement.
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Re: Whata great truck.

Very nice
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Re: Whata great truck.

Taking one of the rarest trucks to Build as well.The 1968 is a hard truck to find.I'm Glad I bought my 1968 longhorn when i did for 400.00 and my 1967 3 door suburban for 200.00 with out the front fender Clip But i got it back together thank god.Back in the day back in 1995 a old man told me to try to find as much of the truck as possible and reassemble is with all the brackets for the engine and all the other hard to find parts.He said if you ever want to sell it at least its all there.

He said people that take stuff apart and put it in boxes are Bone heads.He said you have more chances to get a bigger dollar amount if the car is all together.

All 9 of of my trucks are put together but one that's my 1968 long horn the engine is in my 1971 nova for mock up.But found another 396 for the nova so the 396 an th400 will be going back in the 1968
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