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Re: 87 V20 D/D and Road trip Burb

The JD7 brakes are what I run on my Blazer. They're a bolt on for the half ton if you have the right year banjo bolts. Easy fix if you don't. The one ton brakes are a totally different animal. Not sure what all you have to change to make those work.
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Re: 87 V20 D/D and Road trip Burb

Well it appears that I was wrong about the 4l80e not needing a controller.
I got 2 options.
One is spending a few hundred $ and buy a controller, or use the harness and computer from the 91 parts truck.

I am going to keep driving it as is and do some more research on the swap.

so as far as the brakes are concerned.

I went though the rear brakes, readjusted everything, bled them a bunch more times and got the brakes working good again.
After a few wks of driving, the rears are slowly starting to grab a bit more every time driven. They now are locking up occasionally.

Looks like I will be back in the system again. I wonder if I got the adjusters in backward.

I had to put off my trip north to pick up the 60 until the end of this month. I picked up a matching master cylinder and hydroboost unit for a 87 K30 with a 6.2. I will swap them and a new power steering pump after the 60 goes in.
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